Tips For Avoiding Acid Reflux

There are a lot of things that we have to deal with when we eat.  For many it is weight gain and for others it is gout.  One of the more common issues that we have when it comes to our health is acid reflux.  When we have acid reflux, we are dealing with the churning of increased acid production in our stomach.  If we have too much acid, it will reflux into our esophagus causing a burning feeling.

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To avoid acid reflux, you can do some of the following tips.


If your reflux is really bad you may need surgery.  When it comes to acid reflux surgery in Rock Hill it will be a procedure most of us don’t want to have.  However, it will help lessen the acid production and allow us to eat the foods we love.

Watch what you eat

If you eat a lot of greasy or spicy food, you will be a candidate for acid reflux.  It is important that you eat a lot of healthy foods and a lot of foods that don’t require your body to break them down as harshly.  The acid in our stomachs is generated to help break down and digest what we eat.  If the foods don’t require that much work, less acid is produced.

Avoid alcohol

Another way acid is generated is when we consume alcohol.  Alcohol is a substance that is fermented.  This fermentation process creates a lot of gas.  This gas, when entering into our stomachs can cause a large irritation that could force our acid to reflux back upon us.  If you are someone that has these issues avoid alcohol.

Lay on your side

One issue I have personally found is that if you lay on your back acid will build up with is not a good thing.  If you experience acid reflux, you will want to lay on your side to help keep your stomach and acid in check.